My story...

I have two little boys.

Little boys are super-cute.

Most of the time, their clothing options are not.

I decided that the gaping hole in this market needed to be filled. So my parents helped me buy a machine, and I am now obsessed with making anything I can. I'm having fun, I'm creating things, and I'm Thread Serious.

Embroidery Fonts

I have the following fonts in upper and lower case (and numbers) in  1, 2, or 3, inches.  Make sure to note in your order which font you would like.  If you don't see what you'd like, message me and I might be able to accommodate you!

Bailey Font

Cason Font

Fonzie Font

Jamison Font
Machine Embroidery Designs Plain Monogram set 170 BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Funky Font

Grinch Font

Hayes Font

Monogram Font 39

Porter Font

Rachel Font

Vera Font

Wild West Font

Monogram Font 41

Mark Font

Type A lowercase font
Noah Font
Retro Font

Bree Font

Curlz Font

Angelina font

Girly Font

The following fonts come standard on my machine, and I couldn't get a good image of them anywhere on the internet.  My photos will have to do for now--I apologize.

"London" print

"Lisa" script

"Varsity" print

"Swiss Block" print

"Alice" print

"Blackboard" print

"Childs Play" print

"King Charles" print

"Cursive" script

"Drifter" print